mel rolleri photography

I'm married to my best friend, am a HUGE dog lover,  and passionate picture taker. Which brings us to this website!! I've taken pictures on and off for most of my adult life. but I REALLY got into it in  2011.  We were on vacation in Italy, and I discovered an app on my iPhone called Hipstamatic.  I was slightly obsessed.  I was taking pictures CONSTANTLY.   I mean, we were in ITALY!!!  Couldn't have been more picture worthy.    When it came time to trade in my old camera gear and get my "big girl" camera I wanted something small, light, and easy to handle. I went to my local camera store, and was introduced to the new generation of mirrorless, cameras. At first it was Olympus.  It was love at first sight.....and touch. It's so much easier to handle, and the lenses are so much smaller and lighter than those for DSLR's.  I've recently made the move to Fujifilm!!  WOW!!!!  Those Fuji colors!!  I'm in love, and I'll never look back!

My passion is taking pictures of seascapes, sunrises/sunsets, architecture, street scenes, and of course, my dogs!  Wherever the light leads.  Wherever the beauty is. 



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